About Us

The Provoker is an emerging hub for youth content and general news.

It has a completely thought-provoking and different editorial approach to social, economic, political, spiritual, educational, corporate, and governmental issues.

 To Provoke is to cause a particular reaction or have a particular effect. Newspapers are well known for having maximum influence so we are planning to use The Provoker newspaper as a podium to provoke people to reach beyond their perceived potential and limitations, to be great people of influence, to make use of accessible resources and to have the courage to create opportunities. We do not only cause a /or reaction or effect but we also channel the reaction of our readers towards positive thinking and action.

 We don’t perceive young people as one of those ”statistics”, so we reposition the sign of hope in this generation, to show young people that the world is waiting in anticipation for them to shine and be extra-ordinary rather than selling themselves short due to the injustices and limitations of the past. We are creating the culture of trend-setters than followers.

 The Provoker is a publication that will raise emerging leaders, specialists, and entrepreneurs that will be the driving force behind the South African economy and world at large. The content of the paper will always be stimulating, relevant and provocative, ensuring that The Provoker stays in touch with everyday issues affecting our country.

 Articles are presented in such a way that they stimulate ideas and new thinking among readers and help them to address key issues more effectively. Besides providing newsworthy information on a large number of different events and stories, The Provoker is also of huge benefit to individuals and companies. Readers can use the paper to search for information about bursaries, scholarships, jobs, learnerships, internships, loans, business opportunities and other valuable information that will help them get ahead. We bridge the gap that exists between service providers and buyers of services.


We publish columns that encourage personal development, health, nation-building, hygiene, humanity, business, wealth growth, environmental and economic sustainability, entrepreneurship and educational fundamentals and values as well as encouraging parental involvements in children’s education and extracurricular activities.

The Provoker has an on-going commitment to developing sections to suit the changing concept of what South Africa is about and deliver to advertisers specific and broad target market. We are establishing strong community ties through support of community activities and training high school learners and varsity students in their fields of interest with the publication as well as offering experience to graduates.


A good newspaper allows the community to speak to itself and that sets The Provoker apart as a prospective publication of choice.





  • Newspapers offer enormous flexibility in content, design, placement and frequency. Plus, newspapers are a ”rapid response” medium.
  • Around your key selling cycle
  • Proven effectiveness overtime
  • Readers rely on newspaper for shopping information more than other media
  • Most effective way to reach your target market. We consistently maintain a high editorial and    advertising standard
  • Our established and talented team of advertising, research, graphic design and support personnel, have the capacity and ability to help you effectively market your brand/product
  • Flexible and customize level for sponsors to meet their marketing needs

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Tel: 011 070 8043

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