After kwaito artist Brickz’ short stint behind bars, for the rape case, it would be expected of men to be more wary and act accordingly towards women but it appears the message wasn’t clear enough for some. House music vocalist Bantu Soul had a court hearing this past Monday, 24 March 2014, following a recent rape case. It is alleged the vocalist lured a young woman from a party and raped her at his place in early January.

The singer was at a party thrown by DJ Choice when he spotted the woman and made his move. The two engaged in a conversation until Bantu suggested they attend another party in Dainfern to numb the dullness of the present one. On arrival they were denied access to the complex as it was too late. The lady then asked Bantu to take her home but he had other plans in mind and assured her she’d be more comfortable at his place.

When they got to his place they sat down and watched TV until the singer’s hands started wandering around her body. When she asked him to stop her plea fell on deaf ears and the nightmare began. The muso then tried to shut her up with a R3000 bribe but the woman refused. “He came back with a bundle of bank notes. He started flipping it in my face saying: ‘Take this R3000 and you must shut up!’’’ reports Sunday Sun.

The case still continues…


SOURCE: Sunday Sun

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