Libya taking control

The Libyan government has insisted that it remains in control of the country despite a series of heavy attacks and clashes over the weekend. The parliament building in the capital Tripoli was overrun by a militia group, and two people were killed.
 Early on Monday there were reports of an…

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Students refuse fees increase

Angry mob of student attacked police during a protest in capital of Kenya, Nairobi. BBC reported, the university students were protesting about increase in fees.  Several student union representatives were arrested after stones and teargas fight with the police.
Meanwhile rioting students blocked a major highway in Western Kenya. They…

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We are ready to govern states-EFF leader Julius Malema

Former “African National Congress Youth League” (ANCYL) President and Economic freedom Fighters (EFF) founder Julius Sello Malema say’s he is ready to rule the country.
There won’t be even a single province where we won’t be in-charge, and we seem to be found everywhere. Malema said…

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Zimbabwe’s role in the Malawi polls questioned

Malawi’s opposition parties have expressed fears that the forthcoming elections might be rigged,
following reports that Zimbabwe has offered logistical support to the country’s electoral commission.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) confirmed that it was supplying the Malawi Electoral Co
mission(MEC) with gas lamps and tents to…

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100% behind him-NUMSA

Suspended COSATU general in Secretary Zwelenzima Vavi and his biggest supporters NUMSA, still have a long way to go.
This was a move that may very well contribute to the rising degeneration of the trade union federation and increase the possibility of a split.
Deputy General Secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali did…

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Mozambique vote Frelimo candidate

Mozambique’s ruling Frelimo party picked Defence minister filipe Nyussi as its presidential candidate late Saturday, a decision likely to see current president Armando Guebuza maintaining influence even after he steps down following October polls.
“Filipe Nyussi won with 68%” party spokesperson Damiao Jose said early on Sunday following two…

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EFF called-on people not to vote for the ANC

EFF leader Julius Sello Malema yesterday called on people not to vote ANC because most of its leaders “are criminals.” Malema said to the thousands of supporters at the launch of EFF’s provincial election manifesto at Seshego Stadium in Polokwane.
Malema pointed a shaking finger to those who claims…

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Two councillors left DA for ANC

Two DA Johannesburg Councillors have joined the ruling party because of their frustration at the party’s “racial segregation.”

Former DA deputy chairperson of Gauteng Sipho Masigo and deputy chief whip Johannesburg caucus Toni Molefe, said the DA’s system did not favour black people.
DA deputy chairperson Toni Molefe…

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