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We need radical economic transformation to give substance to Workers’ Day

During Apartheid, labour was heavily regulated, with workers and employers having to defer to the whim of government in how they conducted their relationships. It is appropriate, then, that South Africans celebrate Freedom Day and Workers’ Day in such proximity to one another – both having to represent our departure from…

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Data prices are likely to rise, not fall

On February 17, Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) Minister Cwele held his second engagement with the telecommunications industry known as the ICT or information and communications technology sector. He released a statement, afterwards, saying that the department had won widespread industry support for its Wholesale Open Access Network…

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The market trumps plain packaging in getting youth to quit smoking tobacco

In countries such as Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, measures aimed at reducing smoking and tobacco use are on the primary docket.

Chief in each government’s arsenal is a requirement that cigarette and tobacco products be subject to plain packaging, with all cigarette logos and designs…

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Free tertiary education for all is possible

National Planning Commission Deputy Chairperson Professor Malegapuru Makgoba has told the Fees Commission that free tertiary education for all is possible.
Makgoba says countries like Cuba have shown that proper budgeting and prioritising make free education possible.

These submissions were contained in his presentation to the second phase of the…

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Dr Maponya Think Tank encourages graduates to create jobs

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) have been identified as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa. SMME’s are considered an important contributor to the economy and reducing unemployment, according to Mr Costa Georghiades.

Speaking at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Dr Richard Maponya…

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Educating students is like growing a garden.

Imagine an empty lot, one that we want to transform into a lush flower garden. As those responsible for this garden, we might begin by hiring a well-respected landscape architect to create a design for it. In education, we, as a nation, have spent billions paying teams of experts…

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Young inspirational youth that relate to the 1976 youth

The youth of 1976 has played a large role in inspiring and grooming the leaders of today, in allowing growth and development within the country. With the relation of the Soweto youth uprising and fees must fall protest, these young leaders are able to relate and are inspired by the…

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