Can Vaginal Gels And Female Condoms Prevent HIV?

New developments in the field of HIV prevention mean women will no longer be dependent on men to protect their sexual health.

We may soon have the Plan B of HIV prevention. A study published this week shows promise for women being able to successfully combat HIV transmission even after…

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Beat the edge to give up exercising

Come beginnings of the year we mostly make resolutions, one of them include losing weight. By the end of February we mostly gave up or begging to and we start to wonder how come some people still keeping up with their resolution. Here are some things that influence your decision…

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Get allergy tested

Allergy tests are performed to either confirm a suspected allergy, or to exclude a specific allergy as the cause for the symptoms. There are many allergy tests, but only two have been scientifically proven: the blood test and the skin prick test. These tests are complex and require a skilled…

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Mental health

 10 tips for mental health

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel better mentally and physically. Try those and see how you feel.

Learn to be at peace with yourself:  get to know yourself and what makes you happy and balance what you cannot change about yourself.
Identify and…

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Want to donate blood?

Saving a life is the most selfless act one can do. It is good to help other people as you have no idea when you might need help. If you decide to donate blood there are certain things one should consider. Here are the requirements:

One need to weigh at…

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What is depression?

Depression, which must be distinguished from sadness or “the blues”, is a common and legitimate medical illness. Everyone feels down or low at some stage, but when these lows last for long periods and affect general functioning and behaviour, the person may be suffering from a Depressive Disorder.
Although depression…

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What happens if you find your body itching and you not sure whether it’s a mosquito bite or something serious. It could turn out to be scabies. Here is how you know?
What is scabies?
“Scabies (from Latin: scabere, “to scratch”), also called Norwegian scabies or colloquially the seven…

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Sleep like a baby

People who wake up early tend to feel more proactive and optimistic. They are healthier and are less stressed than those who tend to stay under the covers. Here are tips to been friends with your alarm clock.
Increase your sleeping time
Sleeping early is the first thing you should…

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