The Mercedes Benz GLA Class

The competition just got stiff since the release of the Mercedes Benz GLA Class, and it’s going to be hard for the competition to keep up. The Dynamic and striking GLA class of cars has managed to attract a much younger demographic. It has combined sporty lines with chararistic…

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Audi S3 Cabriolet

The people from Audi have been hard at work as usual. This time it’s in line with their latest offering set to launch in 2014, their first ever Audi S3 cabriolet. It is believed that it will make its first appearance at the Geneva Motor show 2014.
Deemed competent…

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Lexus RC Range

Designed for one thing and one thing only, and that’s to race. Lexus is soon to launch a range of their new RC vehicles which stands for Racing Car. Not one to be surpassed by its predecessor the Lexus IS Saloon, the RC introduced 3 ranges which is the…

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On the 14 January 2014 saw the unveiling of the BMW 2 Series in Detroit, USA. This year BMW ditches the hatch-back of the 1 series and introduced the 2 series that comprise of the 220i and the M235I models.
Compared with the 1 series, BMW proved bigger is…

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Hyundai Genesis 2014

 The J.D power initial quality find out about has ranked the Hyundai Genesis sedan the easiest amongst all automobiles within the midsize premium car section.
The craftsmanship in the back of the design course of and closing manufactured from the Hyundai Genesis is one to be admired. From the…

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Ford Mustang 2014

despite the fact that it’s set to make its first debut in the United States in April 2014, Ford has launched the images of the new 2014 Ford Mustang. Its placing design features are arduous to go left out.
The 2014 Mustang options an aggressive and strong look to…

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ALL-NEW range ROVER game

the diversity Rover staff SA has been on a quest to prove the all-new range Rover sport capabilities and what better means to do so than to pressure it thru an aircraft…  No seriously, thru a non-moving aircraft.
The All-New vary Rover game has been pushed to…

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So how do you respond to the competition when it releases an Audi A7 or a Mercedes Benz CLS class on the market? You do what BMW did; you hit them with a BMW 6 series coupe 640i.
The devil might be in the detail, but so is beauty. With…

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