Data prices are likely to rise, not fall

On February 17, Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) Minister Cwele held his second engagement with the telecommunications industry known as the ICT or information and communications technology sector. He released a statement, afterwards, saying that the department had won widespread industry support for its Wholesale Open Access Network…

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Johannesburg most active twitter users in Africa

According to recent studies from communications agency Portland, South African masses really love their twitter. Johannesburg city is thought to have the most active twitter users in the whole of Africa. The study trails back from October 2013.
The study called “How Africa tweet” shows that an estimate of 344…

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Playstation 4 sales sky rocket

Japans Sony has confirmed that after three-months out in stores, PlayStation 4 has sold more than 5.3 million consoles to date. This is way ahead of their competitors, which being Microsoft’s Xbox one and the WII U.
In fact t, it took Wii U the whole entire…

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a journalist who sets out on an adventure to uncover a mystery? Well all PlayStation plus members were treated to a free download of the horror game “Outlast” for the whole month of February 2014.
A game designed to make players pee…

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Play to save lives

Who  knew playing games could save lives, according to charity cancer research UK (CRUK) they have developed a game called “PLAY TO CURE:GENES IN SPACE” that apparently help reveal the patterns of the genetic faults that cause cancer to spread.
The game is based in the future, whereby players…

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This week we take a look at the PlayStation 4 brawling game Knack, which the main character also named “Knack” also happens to be the most anticipated heroes in 2014.
Knack is a pin-sized wracking ball/ creature that can absorb relics and increase and decrease in size, strength, time…

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Killzone shadow fall hero

Still in the spirit of the New Year but also continuing where we left things off in the last issue, we bring you the second installment of playstation 4 heroes you should look out for in 2014.
In the last article we had a brief look at the heroes Delsin…

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