As diverse as the people are, so are we not short political parties in South Africa.

Despite the many parties, some South Africans are still lost and not really sure where they belong, or which party can truly represent them.

There are 152 registered national parties in South Africa.

Prior the country’s democracy there were not as many parties and some emerged in the new free South Africa.

There is always havoc when it comes to election time; rare visitations from politicians become frequent as each party is doing their last bit of campaigning to stir up some votes.

Yet still many young South African’s are still confused and are not certain on whom to put their cross next to on Election Day.

Bongani Ngwane is still undecided on who to vote for, “when I first registered I was so sure it’s ANC but a lot has been going on lately.”

South Africa is not the only country with multiple parties, there are many other countries that have many political parties and there seems to be less havoc and voting seems simpler.

Countries like the United States of America have many political parties, but only the two major ones get attention, and the ones that usually participate in general elections are Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties.

Lungani Hlongwa feels SA will be a better country if there were less political parties, “In that case votes won’t likely be wasted on smaller parties. I think SA should cut down on the number of political parties and establish at least four parties.”

There are others that differ from what Hlongwa feels and think cutting down on parties would be a disaster.

“I don’t think it will be healthier political scene, this is Africa not Europe, so as Africans we need challenges, corruption will increase if we act like Europeans,” said Kagiso Isa Makwana.

South Africa has come a long way politically, 20 years of democracy is an achievement applauded by the whole world, but can our political leaders keep the peace.

Khethukuthula Lembethe

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