The ruling political party in South Africa is notoriously known for having most of its prominent members separating them from the organisation.

Former Minister of Defence Mosiuoa Lekota was part of the ANC and had a significant role during the apartheid era, he formed his own party COPE in 2008 after Mbeki was forced to step down as president.

Julius Malema publically promised that he will die for President Jacob Zuma while he was part of the ANC, now he is the leader of EFF, a party which could be the ANC’s biggest threat thus far.

Mamphela Ramphela an important piece of the South African freedom puzzle strongly speaks ill of the ANC.

What reason can be so strong to turn passion into hatred?

Many loyal members who were part of the ANC’s struggle for freedom are renouncing their support amidst the embarrassing scandals surrounding President Jacob Zuma they are crossing over to other parties like the DA, COPE and IFP.

Corruption is the root course for the ‘faithful’ members setting up camp in other opposition parties or even starting their own political party.

The opposition parties have used this time before the elections to criticize the ANC policies and bad behaviour and it seems too late for the ruling party to repair past damage and restore confidence in the voters.

The ANC has not only lost huge role players from the party but ordinary South African’s have also shifted their vote.

 Siyabonga Hlongwa Nzimande a former card holding ANC member and now member of the DA said,” iANC ayisafani, it not the same ANC, the box may look the same but what is inside is different and we will be fools if we continue to act as if things are still the same.”

There are many people that feel the ANC has changed and some feel too embarrassed to be associated with it.

“There is too much shame in the party now,” said Samuel Gubudela.

This year’s election is probably the hardest election ever fort the ANC, it is a test to determine how loyal the voters really are.

Khethukuthula Lembethe

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