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By Sinethemba Mthabela

In life we are taught that a helping hand is the one that receives blessings. But how can a poor person be of assistance if they are in need themselves?
Faith in this instance can be a vital factor in shaping one’s way of thinking and eventually manifesting change in their lives. 

Tansi Moloi, is one such person who can attest to this statement.
Growing up in a township infested with crime and poverty, Moloi knew that there was more to life than the regular hardships. Having found God in 1995 it dawned on him that he had to lend a helping hand and inspire change in the community.

“My mission is to feed disadvantaged children,” he said, “while inspiring them to study and use their talents to their maximum potential.”
Being a kwaito and pantsula dance fanatic, Tansi witnessed the power of art in distracting the youth from negative social ills. In November 2000, he decided to form a non-profit organistation that would cater for the youth’s educational and artistic needs. 

This NPO is known as Amavinkivonko.
“The organisation was informed by a visible shortage of infrastructure and facilities and an identified lack of conditions that are conducive to healthy youth,” said Moloi, “and early childhood development to target informal settlements where poverty is rampant.”

The organisation comprises of volunteers who give up their time to help the youth by conducting drama, gumboot dance classes and poetry sessions. The elderly are also catered for and assisted with groceries while agricultural skills are emphasised and transferred for self-reliance and independence.
“We want to use food gardening as a tool to educate families to take charge of their nutritional needs”, he adds.

Amavinkivonko’s aim, in the next 5 years, is to impact approximately 100 000 individuals within Gauteng and ultimately spread their wings to attempt to feed the whole country.

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