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Drugs robbing us of our future leaders

By Faith Gama

The growing number of children being introduced to drugs in our country brings not only shame but concern to society.


10 years ago it was considered taboo to see a teenager smoking and even worse drinking alcohol. Now modernization has had a turn around on how we view what was considered outrageous. A 9 year old boy caught selling drugs at school, whilst in high school it has become a culture to do drugs. Who do we blame? The mother of 3 unemployed would blame in on God, whilst the educated and established would blame it on the government and regulation system. The blame game does not only leave unanswered questions it contributes to the worrying growth of substance and drug abuse.


How then do we as society break the norms and stereotypes and look forward to impact change in our poverty stricken society. Do we engage the same youth that we see as doomed? Well it’s a matter of looking for a solution rather than playing the blame game; solutions would channel the route to a better tomorrow. For we cannot go back to history and undo what has happened but our positive outlook towards the future will not only influence change but provoke it.


Statistics and all the studies show that the number of drugs available, not only in high schools but in primary schools is scary, which leads to unplanned pregnancies, high level of crime rate and school dropout. These stats only show how big – a problem drug abuse is in South Africa. As young growing future leaders it is our duty to say this stops right here, this can only happen when we desire change. A nation starts with one single person being birthed therefore the closer we are to being liberated as the youth the closer we are to making a difference.

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