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Gadget:Fitbt Alta HR

The market is open for expansion in the tech department and this is evident from the new gadgets that are produced frequently. If fitness is your biggest passion then surely wearing a smart watch while working out should be a priority. The new Fitbit Alta HR is designed for those who prefer monitoring the calories burned during a workout. This gadget also monitors your heart rate during a jog and even measures the number of steps taken while running. Talk about technology gradually taking up human form. Who would’ve thought that our sleeping patterns could be a trigger for a device’s functionality? Yep! The Fitbit Alta HR does exactly that when we call it a night and decide to hit the sack. The 7-day battery life makes it much easier for those who might be forgetful to plug in the charger. The only disadvantage about this gadget is that it is not waterproof and thus cannot be worn while swimming and neither can it start workouts manually

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