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USE social media!

By Ntokozo Qwabe

I recently got reminded of the power of social media when a friend of mine secured an unlikely permanent post because they decided to advertise their expertise on social media. It was unbelievable how quick and efficient the entire process was.

We are now in an age where submitting your CV to some office is likely to see it chucked into a box somewhere with millions of others in a pile whose fate will be to acquire dust and not ever reach decision makers.

Employers are increasingly utilizing unorthodox methods of recruitment that probably make it useful for you to update your social media to align with your career interests. Use this!

Yes, social media has many harmful downsides. Not least the destructive culture of cyber bullying that sometimes characterizes how people engage online.

But like all other technological advances, there is scope for the impact of social media on your life to be determined by how YOU use it. How you make it work for YOU.

Other than just the employment context, I have seen many people use social media to grow their businesses, advocate for worthy causes and generally shape their world using it as a core tool.

So don’t hesitate to USE it kids!

USE social media!

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