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 About Us
We are a team of young, awesome and enterprising South Africans that are publishing a youth focused digital newspaper that has a completely thought-provoking and different editorial approach to a variety of issues ranging from entrepreneurship, economics, politics, spirituality, education to governance as well as edutainment.

Our articles are presented in such a way that they provoke and stimulate ideas and new thinking among our readers and help them to address key issues more effectively. Besides providing newsworthy information on a large number of events, and stories. The Provoker is also of huge benefit to individuals and different organisations. Readers use the digital paper to search for information about bursaries, scholarships, jobs, learnerships, internships, business opportunities and other valuable information that will help them get ahead. We simply bridge the information gap that exists between service providers and consumers of services and content.

We further publish columns that encourage personal development, health, hygiene, entrepreneurship, education, as well as encouraging parental involvement in children’s education and empowerment.

we are working on launching an awesome Mobile Application that will guarantee a smooth and secured delivery to our subscribers, allowing secured billing systems and a good flow of content.

Nowadays the youth is tech-savvy and digital platforms are getting stronger each day, so our newspaper gives advertisers a good platform to market their products, services and content to their targeted markets.Increasingly, more of our content is text, image and video – stories that resonate with our audience about issues that matter to them and their community.