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Think and grow rich
Author: Napoleon Hill
Genre: Non-fiction
Price: R120

The book is aimed at influencing the reader on how to 'think and grow rich'. When I first came across the title I knew there had to be something profound about this book. Have you ever pondered on an idea until it eventually manifested in your life? That's the law of attraction right there coming into play. This book will challenge you, if you are fed up with your current situation and desire change. Napoleon Hill teaches us that we need to spend most of our time thinking about what we want to accomplish in life. Positive thoughts lead to productivity which in turn fuels our desire. This desire needs to be accompanied by unwavering faith that will keep the dream alive in the midst of failure. Think and grow rich is a non-fiction read that will excite philosophical individuals who enjoy meditating. Even if this is foreign to you the author has simplified the notion for readers who haven't yet tapped into their subconscious mind. If you want change in your life then this is the book to read.