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Good Music Or Musical Noise:

There’s been a gradual change in music for the past five years or so where a lot more artists, who were genre loyal, have shifted in the direction of electro-dance music. A musician who has run the rnb game for years such as Usher has made various visits to the electro sphere...Read more

Movie: The Equalizer

The most notorious vigilante is back and criminals are in more danger than they might have anticipated. Denzel Washington reprises his role as retired intelligence agent, Robert McCall, in this sequel to the action packed initial instalment... Read more

Think and grow rich

Author: Napoleon Hill
Genre: Non-fiction
Price: R120
The book is aimed at influencing the reader on how to 'think and grow rich'. When I first came across the title I knew there had to be something profound about this book.Read more

Terry Pheto WINS BUFF Award in the UK

The fifth annual British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) Awards took place last night in London in the United Kingdom which saw leading lady Terry Pheto win Best Actress for her lead role in the movie FACES. FACES also took home the award for Best Feature Film...Read more